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The idea is simple: doing good should be easy. Whether you’re a business owner or someone who uses local services or products, you believe giving back to our community is important. Our site makes it as easy as 1-2-3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a participating business?

Becoming a member of DFW Gives Back is easy. Members take an annual pledge committing 1% of their pre-tax profit toward giving back to our community. Donations can be made in various forms, such as cash, goods or services. Learn more and get started with your application here.

What does DFW Gives Back do?

DFW Gives Back works to bring together businesses and citizens who believe in doing good. We highlight business philanthropy through our membership and provide an easy-to-use resource for citizens to do business with our members.

What types of charitable giving are in the 1%?

DFW Gives Back requires each participating organization to pledge 1% of profit before taxes to charitable efforts. In addition, DFW Gives Back will hold annual fundraisers to support additional charitable initiatives, which include in-kind goods and services.

How much does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join DFW Gives Back. We only ask that you meet our minimum requirements for becoming a member.

Does my business have to be located in DFW?

Regardless of where the company is based, businesses operating in the Greater DFW area and giving back to local nonprofits and causes are eligible to become a member of DFW Gives Back.

How is DFW Gives Back funded?

DFW Gives Back has been initially underwritten by our generous Founding Sponsors. For additional underwriting opportunities, please contact